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Shipping Policy

Last Update: April 2021

Shipping policy

1. Order process and tracking

Once your order is created successfully, you will receive an order confirmation including the product name and variant, shipping & billing address. 

After that, it may take 3-5 working days for stocking, packing and ship, you will receive a Shipping Confirmation email once your order starts to be shipped containing your tracking number(s). The tracking number will be active within 5-7 working days. However, during some special shopping occasions, the tracking can be updated later (within 8 – 10 working days).

If you have not received your shipping confirmation or the tracking is not updated until the mentioned time, please contact us via our support email address at 
for further support.

2.  Product origins

Tunaha is a global company who always strikes to bring the best quality with an affordable price by selecting the high quality ingredients and materials in many countries (including Europe, Asian, America, etc) with the manufacture systems based in Southeast Asian and delivering items via our partnership with USPS and some of other partners.

3. Shipping method and transit time

Your order will mainly be shipped by our shipping agency including USPS and we will choose the shipping carrier based on the address you provided to have the shortest shipping time.

Transit time count begins after the order is picked up. The shipping day is day 0 in the count to calculate transit time. Deliveries are made Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. 

Below is the estimated shipping period that most of our orders will be delivered after the day you received your shipping confirmation: 



Estimated Shipping Time

United States

7-20 working days

Rest of World

7-30 working days



However, the shipping time can be lengthened in some special occasions such as Christmas, New Year,… as well as the fact that the recent logistic processes can be under restrictions and face some delays due to the Global pandemic COVID-19.

4. Shipping restriction

The most important thing impacting the success of a shipment is the shipping address. We would like to make sure that your shipping address is sufficient and valid or, at least, findable in the google Map so there will be some note in the shipping address that you have to enter:

- The exact house or apartment number or PO box which can be identified by Google Map that you live in or would like the package to be shipped to. 

- If you live in a Department, make sure to write exactly its name or number.

Important: When the package has started its route to you, we are unable to change your address anymore. However, as soon as you realize that the address you provided was wrong, you may contact us via email
cs@contact-support.net for further support. 

To reduce the shipping cost as much as possible, we use the one-way shipping service so if the package is returned to the sender, even if the tracking update shows the “delivered to original sender” it does not mean the package was returned back to our warehouse address but our shipping agency storage. Therefore, please be informed that we are unable to refund the order if:

- The package failed to be delivered after several attempts of the shipper. 

- You refuse the package. 

- The package was failed to be delivered because of any problem relating to the shipping address you provided.

- You state that you have not received the package but the tracking update shows that the package was successfully delivered or showing the “delivered” status. 

We are always willing to support you with every problem relating to your shipment so do not hesitate to email us at cs@contact-support.net for further support if there was any problem with your shipment.